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Floor Mat For Cars

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4 of HQ colors

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Nice Fit To Your Car

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General facts

Easy to tap and clean
the dirts away

No smell which will
not create any hazard to your health

It is waterproof.
No longer need to worry liquid spill on the mat.

Anti Slip
It has strong grip which won't let the mat slip at all.

It is a recyclable green producy and is eco-friendly.

May 25, 2017
red ottoman car floor mat

Kenapa Perlukan Karpet Kereta Ajaib Ottoman?

Adakan anda mengalami masalah sudah pergi ke kedai cuci kereta untuk cuci karpet kereta anda tetapi masih rasa tidak bersih? Adakah anda menghadapi masalah seperti berikut: Karpet kereta nampak terlalu kotor, segan sangat apabila perlu tumpang orang lain. Mempunyai kanak-kanak yang suka minum dan makan dalam kereta. Kebarangkalian besar air minuman tertumpah ke atas karpet dan jadikannya basah, kotor dan berbau busuk. Karpet kereta anda tidak ketat dan anda perlu selalu menyesuaikannya kepada kedudukan asal. Permukaan karpet terlalu licin yang mengakibatkan kaki anda selalu tergelincir. Jika apa-apa yang dinyatakan di atas merupakan masalah yang anda sedang menghadapi dengan karpet yang […]
May 12, 2017
Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner

How To Clean Your Car Carpet

Car carpet cleaning is something you can do from home and save some money on. You can shampooing your carpet where you don’t have to take it to the dealer or a car wash shop by spending money for the job to get done. If you want to know how, I will show you here. You can do it at home with this pretty simple process where you just need a few different things. If you don’t have a wet/dry vacuum, then you should get one to carry out the cleaning task. You also need to prepare some soap, hot […]
April 9, 2017
custom carpet floor mats for cars

Why You Need Custom Carpet Floor Mats for Cars

Do you ever face the problem when you are going to a car wash shop to wash your carpet but feel that the carpet still not clean after wash? Do you have the following problems: Car rugs look too dirty, which make you feel quite shame when you have passenger sitting in your car. Have children who like to drink and eat in the car. Which cause huge probability of drinking water being spilled on the carpet and make it wet, dirty and smelly. Your carpet is not tight and you need to always adjust it to its original position. […]
April 6, 2017
Car floor mat black color

Are Custom Car Mats The Right Choice For My Car?

Custom car mats sound like a must have fun item for anyone who wants to add their own personal flare to their vehicle. For many it can be as exciting as choosing your bumper stickers. But are custom car mats a waste of money for some people? Depending on what you use your car for a custom car mat can be a pointless purchase even though it may seem like a fun one at first. Are you a busy driver with three kids and a hectic social life? Chances are if you have a ton of uses for your car […]

What's so good about
car floor mats?

Simple from hidden fine, paranoid design to create a new sense of comfort!.

Constructed with latex-free material which is odorless. The mat is produced without any harmful lead, PVCs, or cadmium. It is 100% recyclable!