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April 12, 2018
rubber floor mat

Rubber Mat Uses and Benefits

Rubber mats are a very functional item for the home and the car. They can prevent injuries from slipping, and can be of great use to prevent accidents and falls. It’s also physically beneficial have something flexible under your feet, particularly if you need to drive for long periods of time. An example would be at the driver seat or at the passenger seat where a person sits a great deal. They may not so good to use during raining day because when the water gets on the mat, some may penetrate into the floor of the car even the […]
April 11, 2018
Mercedes Benz GLE 250

Mercedes Benz Moulded Car Carpets

Mercedes Floor Mats One reason why its so nice to step on a Benz carpetting Get floored with the protecting prowess of the Mercedes Floor Mat made with super-strong rubber construction with raised edges to fend-off mud, gunk, water, oil and other eyesore of elements that may penetrate the inside of the Benz. Cleanliness is a factor in order to have a comfortable and enjoyable ride. In maintaining the interior cleanliness the Mercedes floor mat can be a great tool in achieving this purpose. Indeed, the maintenance of your vehicle’s cleanliness is a tough job most especially during winter and […]
April 10, 2018
floor mats for trucks

Floor Mats for Pick Up Trucks

No matter how much you try to avoid getting it messed, your truck’s floor is the first part of the interior that is susceptible to dust, dirt particles, mud, and beverages that can easily make unwanted spots on the floor. These spots accumulate every time you ignore it. If you want to protect your trucks from mud and dirt, you will surely want to consider about having floor mats for trucks. But keeping your truck’s flooring fresh and clean everyday can be very challenging especially if you can’t find any spare time to do the cleaning yourself and get it […]
April 9, 2018
carpet bacteria

Protecting Your Interior with Right Car Carpet Mats

Our vehicles today can cost almost as much as our house or rent payment each month, sometimes more. It only makes sense that one would want to keep it looking as new as possible. One way to accomplish this is to use custom car carpet mats to protect your vehicle’s carpeting. Keeping the interior fresh and clean will help to maintain the value of your vehicle for a longer period of time as well as stop added expenses of carpet cleaning and repair. Great Protection of Ottoman Custom Car Carpet Mats One reason many people choose Ottoman custom car carpet […]