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Car Floor Carpet Comparison Chart

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April 7, 2018
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April 8, 2018
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Mazda CX3

Mazda CX3

If you are having doubt and wonder what is so good to get an Ottoman carpet floor mats for your cars, you may take a little time to view the comparison chart as below to know more about the differences. Hope this can shed some light for you.

carpet comparison chart

Our car mats can be perfectly fit for the floor of your car as all the carpets are being measure on different model of the cars. So the mold is accurately measured before it turn out to be the actual product that put on your car.

We heard a lot of people complain that their newly bought car is having weird smell which make them feel quite annoying. With our carpet, you can rest assure that you won’t get any weird smell and you will have no more complain about the odor inside your car.

If you like to drink coffee inside your car, then you no longer need to worry that you might spill out your coffee on your carpet. This carpet is waterproof which mean you can simply use a cloth or towel to wipe the surface of the carpet and it will immediately dry out.

Dirt can be easily penetrate into the carpet very fast. The material that we use to manufacture our carpet is PU which is built with dense micro fibre. It is very good in preventing dirt for getting into the car mat.

Some people may get frustrated when they step on the gear or brake and the carpet just slip away. You can get rid of your frustration now with Ottoman car mat which is strongly anti-slip.

Our carpet is also very easy to maintain. If you find the surface of the carpet is start getting dirty and having sand fill on it, you can simply use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum off all the sand and use a cloth that soak with water and wash off the dirt.

Mazda CX3

Mazda CX3

The Ottoman car floor mat is rather durable and you can expect to use it for many years before it tear away. This will save you money for having such quality mat to place on the floor of your car.

As of now, most of the people are concern about go green matter. With Ottoman car mat, it is producing with the use of eco-friendly material which are recyclable and will help to keep the world green and save from producing even more rubbish to the earth.

Lastly, our carpet is having very aesthetic design. The diamond shape design make the carpet overall look very elegant. It can make a magic by turning an ordinary car to have a luxurious interior look with the implementing of our car floor mat. This is one of the reasons why many customers choose to get Ottoman car mat to place in their beloved cars.

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