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Car Floor Mats – A Car Mat for You

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April 7, 2018
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custom car mat carpet

custom car mat carpet

When was the last time you thought about your car mats? If you’re anything like me, it was probably the day you brought your car home for the first time. You know what it’s like, you’re excited, the vehicle’s gleaming in the sunlight, you open the door and then it hits you…your car needs protection. That’s right; the awful truth crashes around you like a devastating tsunami, your beautiful clean carpets are getting to get trashed by thousands of unthinking passenger feet. Dirty feet, sticky feet, doggy feet and worse…yes what you need are car floor mats and you need them now!

custom car mat carpet

custom car mat carpet

The truth of the matter though is, it isn’t just new cars that need new carpet mats for cars. The best way to spruce up the inside of your vehicle is to throw away those tired and tatty old mats and slide in fresh and respectable new ones. Not only will your car feel looked after and cared for but you’ll also find it’s a much better environment to travel around in.

Choosing the Right Car Carpet Mat for You

So what are the best kind of floor mats for your car? Well to be truthful the question is a bit like asking ‘How long is a piece of string?’ You see there are so many different kinds of car floor mat to choose from, the only person who can really give the correct answer is you.

Admittedly cost, durability and sizing will steer you in a certain direction but after that you’re on your own because that’s when the imponderable factor of ‘personal taste’ comes into play.

Rubber Car Mat Rugs

The majority of car floor mats these days are rubber backed so they don’t slide around in the foot well. But when you think of a ‘rubber car mat‘ you probably imagine a mat that’s made of rubber with maybe a touch of carpeting. You know the type solid, reliable, unobtrusive and most importantly of all, able to hide the dirt. Surprisingly these days they’re getting harder and harder to find but here’s a selection of some of the best available.

Customized Car Mats

Over recent years carpet floor mats for cars have really changed, previously the general train of thought seemed to be ‘Make ’em rubber, make’ em black and if you want to be really fancy, make ’em the same color as the rest of the carpet.’ As I said though…things have really changed, nowadays customized car mats are in.

Drivers these days see their vehicles as an extension of their lives. A living space where they can express a little bit more of themselves. So whatever you’re into to, whether it’s it’s football or basketball, superheroes or wildlife you’ll be able to find a car floor mat that complements your personality.

The range of fan mats as they’re called, seems to be growing daily. Not only are there NFL and NBA mats available but there are carpet floor mats for Universities, Colleges and NASCAR to mention just a few.

Cars can often feel a very masculine environment to drive in, so why not soften your driving space with a cute car mat.

Custom Carpet Floor Mats For Carsfloor mats for cars

So what’s the difference between a ‘custom car mat’ and a ‘customized car mat’? Well the customized version will probably display a picture or logo and can be placed in any kind of car or vehicle (although you may have to initially trim it to shape). Whereas a ‘custom car mat’ is specifically designed for a certain type or model of car (e.g. a BMW 5 series or a Honda Accord).

As you can imagine custom automotive floor carpets are more expensive than the more generic customize variety but if you shop around you can still find some great bargains.

Natural Car Mats

Now the thought of a natural coir mat in your car may at first seem to be quite strange, especially when you’re used to thinking in a rubber or carpeted frame of mind. But then you slowly start to realize ‘why ever not!’ Coir mats (the fancy name for coconut matting) are strong, hard wearing and thanks to the way they’re constructed won’t slip around in the foot well of your car. And what’s more they eco-friendly and look exceptionally classy in a retro sort of way (apparently Porche used them in some of their classic 1960’s models – sounds good to me!).

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