Why You Need Custom Carpet Floor Mats for Cars - Floor Mat For Cars

Why You Need Custom Carpet Floor Mats for Cars

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custom carpet floor mats for cars

custom carpet floor mats for cars

Do you ever face the problem when you are going to a car wash shop to wash your carpet but feel that the carpet still not clean after wash? Do you have the following problems:

  • Car rugs look too dirty, which make you feel quite shame when you have passenger sitting in your car.
  • Have children who like to drink and eat in the car. Which cause huge probability of drinking water being spilled on the carpet and make it wet, dirty and smelly.
  • Your carpet is not tight and you need to always adjust it to its original position.
  • The surface of the carpet is too slippery that causes your feet to always slip.

dirt on carpet

If any of the above is a problem that you are facing with the existing carpet in your car, then it is reasonable for you to consider changing the car carpet mats now.

What are the advantages of the Ottoman auto custom carpets?

In the market, there are various types of automotive floor carpet you can get. So, most likely you will ask: why do I need to buy this Ottoman car carpet? If you have questions like this, then you can continue to read on.

This carpet is designed to protect your car floor from mud, water, insects, soil and other unwanted particles.

This carpet can last for long and can be used for many years. It is fully customizable on the floor of your car. It is an absolute perfect solution not only for new cars but also for old cars.

You can try to get one and lift it with your hands, you can immediately find out that this is a very good quality product. It’s soft, so it will not ruin your car.

This car carpet mats can give you a really good feeling for your feet. It is firmly up to the top and it’s also soft as a pillow. It is very comfortable for all the drivers who always drive for a long time.

It can fit into your car perfectly.

Easy To Clean


Anti Slip

Scratch Proof


What Material Being Used to Make This Car Floor Carpet?

It consists of 5 layers:

foam material

The first layer is made of PU leather.

Full name for PU is Polyurethane. It is a type of plastic that has the properties of three main types of materials, namely rigid foam, flexible foam, and elasto-plastic. This chemical is a popular building material due to its ability to turn to various forms. Also it has enough strength.

The second and fourth layers are make from eco-friendly glue used to attach PU leather and fifth layer.

The third layer is made of non-woven fabrics that are also environmentally friendly.

Finally, the fifth layer is an anti-skid layer built to prevent carpets from slipping and sticking to the original carpet.

proton red carpet

BMW F30 carpet

BMW F30 carpet

Comparison Chart

This is a brief custom carpet floor mats for cars comparison chart. You can check it out and know more about the advantages of having Ottoman car mat for your cars.
carpet comparison chart


There are 7 colors available for you to choose.

all color code

all color code

Sample photos of car that put on custom auto carpet.


audi a4


How to install custom car carpet floor mats

In case you are having no idea on how to put on the carpet on your car, you may refer to below video as we have illustrated to you how to take off your existing carpet and replace with Ottoman car mat.

How the response from our customers?

Here are some testimonial photos from customers who are ordering custom carpet floor mats for cars from us.

testimonial 1

testimonial 2

testimonial 2

testimonial 2


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