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car insurance

car insurance

Car insurance quotes tend to vary depending on the auto insurance company. However, there are certain strategies that could be utilized with maximum benefit so as to get cheapest car insurance quotes from top-rated insurance companies.

car insurance

car insurance


The most beneficial strategy that could reduce the car insurance cost is installing improved safety devices inside the vehicle. Some of these devices that are often insisted by insurers include anti-theft devices, alarms, immobilizers, door lock identity and sophisticated tracking devices.

Shorter the commuting distance, cheapest would be the car insurance cost. Insurance companies provide insurance quotes depending on the average number of miles traveled while commuting. Job shifting to a place nearer to the residence or shifting home near to the job site could be helpful in reducing the distance and could help in saving good amount of money.

More the options, higher would be insurance costs. Any additional luxury features or extras incorporated into the vehicle could add up to the insurance costs. Hence, a consumer should insist on an option if it is absolutely required.

One should take proper safety measures while parking a car so as to avoid accidents such as vehicle thefts, vandalism or other accidental damages. Some of these measures include parking in a locked garage at home, and ensuring that the car is properly locked when parked on the highway.

A proper driving certificate could greatly minimize the insurance cost from all the insurance companies associated with the Pass plus Scheme. For this, one has to obtain a pass plus certificate. This certificate is usually given within the first year of passing practical driving test. A practical driving test involves driving lessons for driving in the town, outside the town, in all weathers, night-driving, driving on a dual carriageway and driving on a motorway. Performance would be assessed by the driving instructor depending on which a certificate from the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) would be issued.

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