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April 14, 2018
new myvi

Learn Why a New Car Loses Value

It is a question that many shoppers fight with. A good amount of the public will argue that buying a used car in Malaysia is the way to go. The same amount of people will argue that buying a new car is the only way to go. The rest, are not sure. When a customer comes down to a car showroom, one of the first questions the salesperson ask is: “Mr/Mrs, have you considered whether you would prefer a new car, or a pre-owned vehicle?” Very often people will have one or the other as their choice. Then the salesperson […]
March 6, 2015
accord wheel

1995 Honda Accord Special Edition Wheel

Rated as one of the best selling family-friendly transportation cars in the U.S market, Honda Accord has undergone a series of changes from the year 1977, the year of its inception. Till now, seven generations of this incredible automobile have rolled out into the market, with each one being redesigned uniquely so as to equip with the best available features of the day. The 1995 Honda Accord is the fifth generation vehicle. This model was a slightly modified version of 1994 Honda Accord. Fitted into 1995 Honda Accord for the first time was a 2.7L, 170 hp double-outlet exhaust, V6 […]
March 6, 2010

How to Optimize Fuel Economy in 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid ?

Introduced in the year 2003 by Toyota Automobile Corp, the Honda Civic Hybrid is a hybridized version of Honda Civic Sedan designed with the objective of becoming more environment friendly. Voted as the World Green Car of the Year, 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid is a formidable vehicle that delivers excellent fuel economy. Equipped with a refined gasoline-electric power train, the 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid has an EPA city/Highway rating of 49/51mpg. The 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid is a super-ultra-low-emission vehicle that achieved AT-PZEV status. The vehicle features a highly efficient 1.3L, 8-valve, iVTEC, 4-cylinder gasoline engine coupled with a DC […]