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Car Wash and Detailing Can Prolong The Car Life

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April 14, 2018
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car detailing 1

car detailing 1

Most car owners use the words car detailing and car washing synonymously. Unfortunately, what many fail to notice is that the words hardly refer to the same idea and there is a world of difference between the two. Detailing for example, involves a meticulous step-by-step process in which your car is thoroughly reconditioned and cleaned inside and out. It provides a great opportunity for car owners to protect their investment and keep the value of the car in a reasonable price range.

car wash

car wash

Though the term detailing is often used for cars, most companies are able to accommodate other vehicle types such as boats, RVs, buses, trucks, and motorcycles. Car detailing does much more than making your car look great– it offers a way to protect your car against the elements. Many drivers believe that since your car has a clear coat, it will already be protected and further maintenance isn’t required. Of course, that belief couldn’t be more wrong!

Provide Great Protection For Your Car

In order to protect your car’s finish from contaminants and oxidation, it is advisable to have a fresh coat of wax applied twice a year. Though there are a number of protection packages that local dealerships offer for your car, it really shouldn’t be your only method of care.

There are no detailing guidelines in the industry, so you will encounter a wide variety of prices and levels of service. Undoubtedly, you will find that pricing can vary quite a bit, and you need to do the right research to find the company that provides the service packages you need.

A good and thorough detailing job will require several hours of hard work. You do have to keep in mind that the results are often impacted by the age of your car and the condition it’s in. The types of detailing including of exterior wash, interior vacuum, tire shine, body shine bottom blaster with undercoat

Auto Detailing, What is it?

Auto detailing at its core is an extremely thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of an automobile to create a high-quality level of detail. There is a lot of gray in between as to what qualifies as car detail, and a lot of things can be added on.

car detailing 1

car detailing 1

Some of the other options that some may be included in some auto details:

  • Use of special auto detail clay
  • Steam cleaning
  • Degreasers and motor cleaners
  • Rug detergents

It is important to note, however, auto detailing never includes body work or mechanical work of any kind. Nor does it include paint, or the like. This falls out of the auto detailing category.

cuci kereta

cuci kereta

Is your car positively filthy?

Too busy to do it yourself, or just want a really good job done? Now, there are many cash wash center can help you on this. As of now, there are some cash wash service providers that actually can come to you, and giving you full service of your car where it’s at whether at home, or at work.

The services offered by them including of:

  • Hand wash the outside
  • Double wax it
  • Vacuum clean the interior
  • Throw away junk
  • Armor all the interior
  • Clean all of the windows inside and out
  • Q-Tip the wax out of crevices
  • Give it an optional perfuming

Basically, they will give your car the loving you’ve been meaning to give it, but haven’t. It’ll look, feel, and smell brand new, and will be something that you can be proud of.

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaner is an easy and fast way to keep your carpets and upholstries clean and protected without all the disadvantages of using water and shampoo. Like all of Splendor’s products, its formula is internationally certified as biodegradable, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

Directions for Use:

1. Simply spray evenly over dirty fabric, let sit for 30-60 seconds based on the level of dirtiness.

2. Wipe away the dirt with a clean micro fiber towel.

3. For best results, wipe dry with a second micro fiber towel.

Note: For really soiled carpets, repeat steps until desired cleanliness.

How Much to Open A Car Wash Center in Malaysia

Now in Malaysia, there are many car detailing centers that implemented with automated car wash machine that can wash and clean your car with very short time frame. Some even open 24 hours like 7-Eleven.

car wash machine

car wash machine

If you intend to open a car wash service center, you may want to know the monthly operating cost so that you can allocate the right amount of capital for you to start the business.

For most of the car wash center, their maximum wash per day is about 35 cars. If use this as a benchmarks for calculation for you to pay for your staff of 4, rental & utility, polish & waxing, you may face the difficulty to know how much you need to spend every month.

To help you in this, we just roughly stated the chart for you to know all the costs that you need.

Workers: 4 x RM1,500 = RM6,000
Water Usage: RM500
Electricity: RM500
Shop Rental: RM5,000
Detergent: RM500
Wear & Tear: RM300
Total: RM12,800

car wash bunting

car wash bunting

What it costs for a car wash?

Generally, it depends on the size of the car. For large vehicle, the charges of course will be more expensive compare to small vehicle. As simple as that.

However, there are many different type of car wash now, you may take a look of the charges. Let’s take a look of the chart below for the average car wash center charge for their service:

Snow Wash

  • Mini – RM10
  • Standard – RM 12
  • Large – RM 14
  • Grand – RM 16

Premium Wash
(Ultimate Wash Shampoo + Tire Gel + Interior Detailer)

  • Mini – RM 17
  • Standard – RM 19
  • Large – RM 21
  • Grand – RM 23

Polish & Wax

  • Mini – RM 180
  • Standard – RM 200
  • Large – RM 220
  • Grand – RM 240

Where Can You Have Your Car Wash?

There are car wash centers either in hand wash, machine wash or fully automatic wash that you can get in all the places around Malaysia. Here, we try to list one well known car wash center in major city of each state to help you in finding a location that near where you live.

Penang – Supwave Car Wash
Ipoh – Pro Car Care Centre
Seremban – Best 20 Car Wash in Seremban
Kuching – Top 10 Car Wash in Kuching
Miri – Car Detailing in Miri
Kota Kinabalu – Gzox
Shah Alam – Top Car Wash Places in Shah Alam
Klang – Top Car Wash Places in Klang
Cyberjaya – Top Car Wash Places in Cyberjaya
Putrajaya – Top Car Wash Places in Putrajaya
Johor Bahru – Top Car Wash Places in Johor Bahru
Melaka – Top Car Wash Places in Melaka

There is also drive through car wash which become more and more famous in Malaysia. You can watch the video on how the drive through car wash operate.

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