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Quality Car Detailing Lead To True Quality Results

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car detailing

car detailing

Car detailing products, car care, car interior and car exterior care. My own points. As far back as I can remember, I have always had a serious love for making car’s look damned good.

I actually use to get upset after only two hours of having washed my car only to find a thin finger layer of dust all over my freshly polished and waxed car. Yes folks, It actually did upset me. I don’t know about many people out there, but from the majority of the vehicles listed on this website which have come out looking like freshly polished and waxed glass mirrors, many vehicle owners don’t particularly care about their car’s.

car detailing

car detailing

What is even more upsetting is watching all these car washes centers popping up like a rash all over the metropolitan districts charging customers to actually “DAMAGE”, yes, damage customer cars for the privelage of car detailing.

It is Important to Done Properly

Car waxing, car detailing, interior care or car polishing, call it what ever you like, it always needs to be done properly if the finished product is going to look impressive. For a finished product that will actually look good, there can not be any short cuts. By that we mean time invested, with only professional car care, or car wash equipment. From car interior cleaning, to car polishing and car waxing or paint sealing, the entire process can be a very rewarding site to behold when you have completed the total car detail process correctly.

Professional auto detailing supplies are required for professional results.

With all the vehicles that I have treated on this website, there has not been one customer who has not near fallen over backwards upon pick up of their vehicle. The comments “my car did not look like this when I bought it” is very commonly heard. WHY? Because I very simply love what I do. I have never seen auto detailing, paint correction or paint protection as a chore or just merely a job. When this happens , which I know it just won’t, I will shut down this website. There is nothing more gratifying than to take a vehicle which looks bland, and bring to a point where you just don’t want to drive it. I see what I do as artwork. “NOT A JOB” This is often another comment which I also get.

Invest Time and Use Only Quality Products

To make any car look good with a high level polished finish, you have to invest time and use only professional level products. We always try to cater to everybody’s needs when it comes to the cost of car care products, but not everybody can afford RM20 or even RM30 for a good polishing compound or paint wax sealer. Either that or they just don’t want to pay for good quality car care products or car wash equipment. This is why we have also posted how to use the cheaper brands of car detailing products, like kitten. One tin or bottle is worth only about 10.00 dollars. This is not by all means a professional level car care product or even suitable to professional paint correction or paint protection use, but it does provide a suitable enough finish when the procedure is carried out correctly.

spray car mat

spray car mat

car bubble wash

car bubble wash

I happen to be a lover of black cars. All the different coloured cars that are out on the market today, nothing looks better than black when polished and waxed correctly. This is also one of the hardest colours to maintain. Professional car care products, car wash equipment, car detailing products will always bring about a beautiful finish.

Black demands only the best car care products that money can buy, if it is going to look it’s best. This is one colour that will test a detailers skill and car detailing products. This is why I love black. It just does not lie when it comes to the finished product. For my customers cars I only use professional level car care products. From car polish. to clay bars, to car wax, to paint sealers and to interior care products, all my auto detailing supplies are strictly propfessional auto detailing products.

The reason I choose professional car care products is because I don’t appreciate doing the work twice, because inferior products let me down. I learn’t this lesson a very long time ago.The problem with allot of cheap car care products is, when not used correctly, they leave behind a very poor finish, and over a period of a week or two the vehicle looks even worse.

“Quality” Claiming Products Always Not That Quality

I have tried many products which claim to be the best car detailing products or car care products, only to find that I have been let down, wasted a considerable amount of time on car polishing or doing car interior detailing.There is nothing worse than to spend half your day detailing your car with extremely poor quality products, only to find that at the end of it you are tired, your car does not look anywhere as good as you would have hoped, and you know that you have to do it again. That is only if you enjoy doing car detailing. What if you saw this process as a chore. You would not touch your car for another six months, only to find by then that your car is in a shocking state of appearance, because prior to six months, you utilised poor quality car detailing products.What I know today about auto detailing, and auto detailing products has taken pretty much all of my 25 years of life to learn.

There is a massively vast array of car care products on any given auto outlet store which sell car detailing products or equipment. If your like me and your just starting out with caring for your own car, especially if you just obtained your drivers license , then you probably will be a car lover. I simply stress to you, to steer away from products which promise the earth for an extremely cheap price. I know, because I have tried these car care products only to be let down.

Remember this saying “By failing to prepare, your are preparing to fail”. This statement is so true.Auto detailing, Paint correction and paint protection is an extremely tiring and highly skilled process to say the least. This is something which can take years to learn because of the testing of different brands of paint care products. By that we mean “BRAND OF PRODUCTS”. A beautiful finish can not be achieved with using inferior products.

There are many car detailers out there, but there is only a handful of paint correction specialists. Each one of us tried a particular brand of product and generally stuck with what works best on our customers cars. There is not one paint correction specialist out there who I know that uses inferior car care products. Especally when it comes to car paint care products.I have always said in discussion with customers that one combination which may work well on one colour may not necessarily work well with another. This is why paint correction is basically in my own view, damned artwork. It is time invested utilising only quality car care products with the correct procedures, step by step. you just can’t go wrong when you execute the methods of paint correction correctly.

We all have to understand that paint correction only comes from poorly kept vehicles. Another constantly arising issue that is now starting to become very apparent is paint protection. Car dealers are constantly pushed to sell paint protection these days to unwary customers who have absolutely no clue with what paint protection even is.What is even more upsetting is that they actually use extremely poor quality products and charge astronomical charges for poor level paint protection.

Car Treated with Sub-par Detailing Products

I happen to travel the web in my own time and often come across different articles or blogs reading up on peoples newly purchased cars and how the car dealers tried to push paint protection sales. I even receive emails regarding this question. I especially feel sorry for one individual which I recently located on the forums claiming he just recently purchased a brand new phantom black SS. The dealer (as usual) managed to sell to this poor customer poor quality paint protection. The car is now marred with paint scratches and horrible holograms over the entire surface of the vehicle. This to me does not sound like paint protection , but rather a poor quality abrasive.

The customer on the other hand is now stuck with a shocking paint finish, all because the dealer utilises poor quality car detailing products or paint protection. This customer is now under the impression that he can spot a vehicle anywhere that has had paint protection applied. All by seeing cars inflicted with swirling or marring, this customer now believes that particular vehicle has had paint protection, when in fact it has not. It is very simple. “Non professional products leads to non professional results” What is even more disturbing, is that there is a considerable amount of mobile detailers getting around these days charging next to nothing for their services.

Customers are actually buying into these services only to find at the end their vehicle finish has been damaged . If a detailer is charging you RM150 – RM200 dollars to carry out a complete detail in and out, I can safely guarantee you right now to expect your paintwork to be left damaged. It is a sad fact that I have many times recieved enquiry calls about what I charge for a given service, only to have the customer go seek cheaper services elsewhere. The only problem is, that same customer returns 2-3 months later with more damage inflicted on their paintwork and the charges then, skyrocket.

When a price for a given vehicle treatment sounds too good to be true, then it more than likely is.If you truly love your car, then follow your gut feel. Don’t pay to have your paintwork damaged. You can do that yourself for free. If it’s one thing that turns my stomach inside out, is paying someone to damage my vehicle. I have repaired many, many vehicles that have been damaged by coffeee car washes, or mobile detailers. One of the reasons I created the car polishing page and waxing page on this site was to educate people on caring for their own cars.

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