Mat Specification - Floor Mat For Cars

Precise Measurement

Using laser scanner to measure each floorboard of different car models precisely in order to create the perfect fit car mat.

Picture Description
Scan floorboard with laser scanner.
Mold is coming out for the specific car model.

Computerized Cutting

All carpets are being cut with the use of computerized cutting machine which keep the deviation to minimum. Also this make it possible to ensure all pieces are well-fit together.

Picture Description
Computerized cutting of each piece of carpet


Fine Cutting

High Quality Material

The material being used are of high quality. They are rigid and flexible. The liners are forming the detailed contours.

More Features

This car floor mats are specially designed to provide great protection of your car against frustrating grease, dirt, grease, liquid as well as other harmful elements. It has durable channel design which holds water very well.

Other than that, there are still many advantages for you to have this mat which including of:

  • Odorless99%
  • Easy to clean98%
  • Anti slippery99%